rolando sepulveda

St. Edward's University

I Am Not Inarticulate is a documentary project that seeks to shed light on a community of beings that are often misunderstood and misheard. Unable to excel or even participate in the most necessary of human traits, their shared disability of stuttering places them in a stagnant position. Though the knowledge of communication exists and has potential, it is disclosed in fragments that leaves the result in a state of alteration. All with varying degrees of stuttering, they all exist as constructions of how their struggle has shaped and identified them, in terms of how they view themselves and how others perceive them. Constricted by their limitations, many of them experience moments in time where all control is lost. Their interest in participating as a member of a stuttering association comes as a result of this loss of control, with a desire to take it back. This body of work utilizes the stillness and silence of the photographic medium in an attempt to display the banality of the issue based on what can only be seen, allowing the viewer to make assumptions and connections based on thematic context.