nayely davila

St. Edward's University

Live Action Role Playing, or LARP, has the tendency to sound like the main hobby for avid gamers and computer geeks, but as this documentation was carried out, the initial inferences became redundant. LARP cannot be defined equally for all of its members; it can only be said that it has the potential to bring community, art and science qualities, therapy, and new worldly dimensions to many of its players. This larping documentation was rounded with organizations in Austin, Texas, which included the Central Texas Larpers and Slaughter Creek Sword Fighting. Since live action role playing is at its simplest just that, role playing, the images provided are mostly in a battle stance setting. There are people who are battling, engaging, playing the part in the activity.

The images given are an attempt to show how much the people who practice this lifestyle, immerse themselves into what many outsiders label as "out of the mainstream." In its deepest irony, it is larping that brings together this inconspicuous lifestyle out to the public almost always.