In Elvis' Shoes

Emily Marie Palmer

Greg’s presence, charisma, and voice fairly quickly won over most tired skeptics in the audi- ence, and the whole room during his performance were smiling, if not smiling and dancing.

“Elvis genuinely adored his audiences, and loved music of varied types, and the use of song and performance to inspire people, make them smile or laugh, get their blood pumping, make them excited, and arouse strong emotions. I feel the same way - there’s something about the communal experience of sharing a song in performance, that is so gratifying and uplifting
for me, too. Being in Elvis’s shoes is also very freeing - I lose virtually all of the inhibitions or insecurities I might potentially feel when singing as myself. I’m a passionate person, and Elvis tribute allows me to express myself through a full range of music-inspired emotions, in a way that is largely uninhibited.”