Greg's Storage Unit, Northwest Houston

Emily Marie Palmer

After Greg graduated from high school, he got a full time job, got married, and had kids.
He and his wife were divorced when he was in his early thirties. It wasn’t until 5 or 6 years later that he coincidentally ended up singing at a birthday party for Elvis. The exhilaration he felt and the incredible response to his voice prompted him to revisit his decades-long love for singing Elvis songs. He found a company that had just started manufacturing replicas of Presley’s jumpsuits. Soon after he ordered the suit, his company laid off 7000 employees, including him. Seeing self-employment as the only logical next step, he started two busi- nesses—freelance video production, and Elvis impersonation.

Now his occupation is almost exclusively Elvis tribute performances, but he oc- casionally performs shorter tribute shows to Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond. He also has occasional side jobs related to but not limited to music, acting, and DJing.