Greg's Pre-Performance Hair Transformation

Emily Marie Palmer

Greg started singing at church at age 7, winning solos against his older peers from the start. He discovered his parent’s Elvis records in ‘72, well before he was aware that Elvis Impersonators existed (though there were very few at that time). “I was so taken with Elvis’ music, that I learned all the words... then I started lipsyncing in my room, sometimes singing along. Organically, on my own initiative, and having never heard the word “impersonator,” I began imitating him, sometimes two hours a day. I can’t explain it, other than that I thought he was incredible and I wanted to be just like him. The

first time I did it in front of anyone else, I was probably 11. Elvis died when I was 14, and that day, we scooped up several more of his albums at record stores and KMarts. At 15, I did my first public show, on a plywood stage in my backyard, doing some of the songs with a band comprised of friends from school, singing others with Elvis’ records (karaoke didn’t yet exist!)”