aaron reissig

St. Edward's University

Paranormal Investigators come from all walks of life. Elementary and high school teachers, radio djs, blog- gers, former EMT's and nurses, police officers, priests, tv hosts; people who one might encounter every day. Despite the variety of backgrounds of each investigator, many have some common traits. Traits such as a strong appreciation and respect for history. A desire to learn more from actually being at the location of a historic event. Paranormal investigating can serve as an excellent avenue for fulfilling that desire. In some cases the curator for a historic area, who has approved the investigation of a landmark, might even give some quick instructions as to what the investiga- tors cannot touch or what their limitations are and then leave them for the evening. Giving the investigators the rights to roam and investigate freely; many times in areas typically restricted from the general public.

Paranormal entities can be experienced in many different forms. Orbs, which are said to be balls of energy that reveal themselves as floating masses or shimmers of light. Shadow figures, which are described as more than just an ordinary shadow, but more of a dark mass in the shape of a figure. Paranormal entities are not only detected visu- ally. Much of the evidence collected during investigations comes in the form of electronic voice phenomenon (EVP).

High powered microphones are used to record and hear EVP which are usually at frequencies inaudible to humans. Sound boxes are used to pick up electromagnetic fields then translate those fields into words and phrases made by the human voice using the boxes filled with thousands of sounds the human voice can make.

They partake in an intriguing and odd lifestyle while having typical careers. Some with careers which lead them far from the beaten path. Shamans, psychics, ghost erotica authors, paranormal investigators, zombie advocates, ordained priests, and those who share their homes with shadow figures; for some these are hobbies, for others, their lifestyles. Paranormal investigating can be a business, a hobby, a date night, an adventure, and sometimes even a dangerous activity. However, all lead interesting and significant lives of their choosing and should be respected.