Piano Break, Palace Theatre

Aaron Reissig

Brad (front) and Barry Klinge (not shown) are paranormal investigators who founded the group: Everyday Paranormal in October, 2007.
From 2009 to 2011 they were featured on the show, Ghost Lab
on the Discovery Channel. They still have some involvement with investigating paranormal activities but are moving away from

it. According to them, their hobby turned job, had become too mainstream and that everyone was doing it now, without serving it much justice. They described the strict vetting process placed on them by Discovery Channel for using audio captures of spirits. Before any audible paranormal evidence could be shown on the air they were required to have it analyzed by a third party linguist. The linguist would then analyze the footage and determine if it could actually
be spoken words or just familiar sounding interference. (Back Right) Father Rob Hall is a long time police officer and Catholic priest. He assists with many investigation groups, mostly pertaining religious matter such as house blessings and cleansings. (Back Left) Cathy Nance of Woodlands Paranormal group, near Houston, Texas listens to the songs.