Cindy & Colton Covert, Ben Hur Shrine

Aaron Reissig

The Coverts have had continuous experiences with the paranormal. They are part of the Austin Paranormal Society but even before they joined they were seeing the two shadow figures that have followed Cindy
much of her life. Colton experienced his first paranormal activity when he was just three years old. While playing in his room he mentioned waving to someone who was on the porch of their house. It being seven in the morning, Cindy felt this was odd. Upon further investigation she determined it was the aunt that had recently passed away.

The Covert family hosted a “ghost talk” for the members of their church who were confused about the shadow people the Coverts lived with but apparently everyone was too scared to show up. Having strong Christian beliefs and Colton only being 13, they do not seek out the paranormal who are said to be dangerous.