Ross Mutrux, Business Manager, Mutrux Automotive

Naveen Mahadevan

“I’d look over at the mirror, and laying down on the map, and the highest part on me was my stom- ach. I’m thinking, I look like a beached whale. I got to the point where I wouldn’t look at the mirror. I re- ally didn’t like what I saw. So I’m doing the abs workout and I look over at the mirror, and I have to do a dou- ble take, because my stomach’s no longer the highest part of me. my chest is higher than my stomach.”

Ross Mutrux lost 57 pounds through a workout program called “Domination.” It’s hard enough to lose 50+ pounds; it’s harder when you’re 56 years old. But that didn’t deter Ross; where most people on consistent weight-loss programs lose about 10% of their body weight, Ross more than doubled that.